CrayCore - A CRAY YMP-EL Emulator

Supported Operating Systems

CrayCore is supported by most, if not all systems using GCC 3.3 or greater, and any system using GCC 2.95 if a fake stdbool.h is supplied. It has been compiled with other compilers, such as Sun Studio 11, Digital Mars C/C++ Compiler, and Microsoft Visual C++.

The .3 release of CrayCore currently has problems with more recent versions of GCC, in which a -std=c99 needs to be added into the makefile.

Release .3

The systems listed have been personally tested by me.

Digital Mars C\C++: Compiles and runs, no changes needed.
Microsoft Visual C++: A dummy stdbool.h is needed, such as in the case of NetBSD with default compiler.
The __uint64 fix is not needed now that version .3 has been released.

NetBSD 1.6.2:
Default Compiler (2.95.3): Make a dummy stdbool.h, with #define bool int.

QNX RTP 6.3:
QCC (x86 target): Use 'make qnx'.
QCC (other target): Use 'make qnx TARGET=target' e.g. 'make qnx TARGET=ppcbe'(assumes a Neutrino target).
GCC (3.3x): Compiles and runs, no changes needed.
There seem to be a few problems with display on QNX, mostly with showing the 'Opcode:' prompt.

Solaris 10:
GCC (3.4.3): Compiles and runs, no changes needed.


The CVS version has a more intelligent makefile and build system, which should make CrayCore buildable on most targets with little to no changes to the makefiles. However, this is still under testing and likely does not work perfectly.

Last Updated: May 20, 2006